MAN Energy

The Company

MAN Diesel & Turbo Holeby is a Branch of MAN Diesel & Turbo – the world’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines and turbo machinery for marine and stationary applications. It designs two-stroke and four-stroke engines that are manufactured both by the company and by its licensees. The engines have power outputs ranging from 450 kW to 87 MW. MAN Diesel & MAN Diesel & Turbo’s range of goods includes complete marine propulsion systems, turbomachinery units for the oil & gas as well as the process industries and complete power plant solutions. Customers receive worldwide after-sales services marketed under the MAN PrimeServ brand. The company is a part of the Volkswagen group that employs approximately 600.000 people.


The company has a clear commercial strategy based on a rock solid foundation of highly skilled employees that work around the clock in order to serve and help its many customers. The industry is challenged to continuously deliver reliable quality, efficiency & higher performance AND THAT calls for highly skilled and motivated employees. Therefore, MAN Diesel & Turbo initiated a development program as a part of their strategy. The purpose and main aim of the training and development program was to ensure a foundation for future growth and prepare the organization for commercial breakthroughs.

The solution

Connection Management did a solid pre-analysis and interviewed key staff prior to the design of the development program. Hereafter Connection Management focused the effort and energy together with MAN Diesel & Turbo and designed a tailored (MTB) program which included consultancy, personal coaching and education including an official exam with external censorship. The vast majority of the solution focused on sales & communication training combined with leadership modules. In addition to the program all participants were provided a top professional and flexible e-learning universe that helped us maximize output and minimize “away from the desk” time. The program delivered tangible results and the participants were pleased with the fact that all theory and training was turned into practical tools and easily converted into business results.

Return on Investment

Senior Manager Claus Wede explains: “When choosing a business partner it is crucial that the partner understands our business and our reality. When we looked for a partner and a training supplier, we were aware that our most valuable assets (our employees) invested a lot of time and energy in the program. Therefore, our focus was to get tangible and fast return on our investment. We succeeded. Halfway through the program, we realized the human potential and we achieved what we were looking for – business and bottom line results. In only 12 months we grew our revenue with >15%. Connection Management goes directly to the point and cuts the academically theory to an absolute minimum – they challenged us on our beliefs, processes, systems, attitudes and habits. They know what business is all about, they are ambitious and they have worked very hard in order to help us succeed. It seems as if their energy has infected the participants”.

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